"There you are..."

"Prompt as usual, I see," you hear as I open the door to my home and you step inside.

You've been to my place a few times now. Ever since the date at the coffee shop, you've been coming over frequently, and each time you come over, you remember our time together as much better and much more interesting than the last.

Perhaps because of those pleasant feelings, you have found yourself dressing more and more provocatively every time you come. The bottoms of dresses and skirts are starting to creep up, pants are getting a bit tighter and slightly higher, and heels are starting to rise in place of old boring sneakers.

Surprisingly, you aren't particularly worried about where these new clothing choice urges are coming from. After all, I am such an interesting person, and you enjoy my company so much. You even feel a little giddier when you're near me, particularly when you are in my home. I've told you that you appear as much several times.

We walk into the living room, and I ask you to take a seat on the couch. You playfully say that I can sit next to you, that you don't bite, but I simply smile and politely decline, looking into your eyes as you sit down, crossing your legs.

You take a moment to get comfortable, and then we settle in to make small talk. You hear me ask you how you've been since your last visit. Your gaze lifts to meet my own, seeing me listening attentively as you go through what you've been up to the past few days: new developments at work, at home, that sort of thing.

"It sounds like you've had a very interesting couple of days," I say.

"Yes, it has been. And it's nice to just be able to chat with someone this way," you reply. It's true, it felt good to talk so casually with me.

"Of course," I say. "I understand all too well how stressful things can be out there. That's why I make this tea each time - it helps us both relax and lets us just be ourselves."

"Oh, absolutely. I'm very appreciative of this time during my week." You smile and take a sip, as if to emphasize your point.

I laugh softly and continue. "It sounds like it's all fallen into a routine for you." I then look at you, and calmly, in a soothing tone of voice, say, "Unexpected variables always improve the experiment..."

At the mention of "the experiment," you can almost feel a haze coming down over your mind. Your eyes become lidded and heavy, as something seems to click inside of you. The couch feels as though it's rising to meet you as you sink down into the plush comfy fabric.

"I'm back for more testing..." you hear yourself say dreamily. You dimly notice me smile as you utter the phrase that signals you're eager and ready for more experiments in my lab. Your body is limp for the moment, but won't be for much longer.

"Present yourself for pre-experiment inspection, test subject." Your body almost immediately complies, lifting yourself from the couch, standing in a position akin to "attention," though this attention is designed a bit differently than most would think of it. With your hips back, back arched, breasts thrust forward, and shoulders back, your pose is designed to look more erotic and sexy than practical. Your gaze is forward, as you see me moving toward you. Your eyes continue their empty stare as I circle around you, taking in your outfit, how you've chosen to dress for this particular occasion.

After a few moments of this, you hear me approve of your outfit and you let out a small sigh of relief. I then give you the command to follow me, and you begin to do so, walking behind me as I lead you to a different part of the house. You walk behind me down a familiar hall until we come to a door which looks much more substantial than the others.

You watch me, blankly, as I unlock the door and open it. The familiar sight of my lab greets you as I extend my arm to guide you in. Your heels click on the tile floor as you automatically begin to head to the chair at the center of the dimly-lit room.

You strip yourself of your clothing, all except for your heels. You place yourself carefully into the chair, placing your arms and legs, and even your neck, into their correct and appointed positions, waiting for me to come over and help strap you in.

Over the past few weeks, you have been very thoroughly programmed and conditioned, so you feel very calm and relaxed as you wait for me, even somewhat anxious as you hear the sounds of me closing the door behind me, walking over to you and starting to wrap the straps around you. You hear me tell you that you probably don't even need the straps anymore, except as a safety precaution, and your mind recognizes this as a sign that you are doing well. You smile and a feeling of bliss overtakes you, knowing that you are a good experiment.

"Remember this, test subject: your scientist is in control. You don't want to be in control. You trust and obey me completely because I know what I'm doing." At this point, my speech to you is almost entirely for show, as you know it deep in your mind, within the core of your self. You nod obediently in agreement as I finish.

Having finished strapping you in, you watch as I move over to the cabinets, performing the usual work of preparing your IV for during the experiment, as well as my latest concoction of drugs that will be administered to your system. You can feel your pussy moistening as you watch me, working with clinical efficiency, knowing and understanding the joy of being my experiment.

I return to you, cleaning your arm where the IV will be inserted, and you watch, blankly, as it goes into your arm, the fluid beginning to pump into your system, keeping you hydrated. I pull out the syringe I have prepared, and display it for you. The fluid inside is a sort of hot pink color, and looks very pretty in your current state as the light shines through it.

"This syringe contains an aphrodisiac," I begin to explain, "designed to increase your arousal during the experiment, as well as increase your acceptance of the brainwashing. It also contains a very mild hallucinogenic agent, which may cause you to see yourself as what the brainwashing tells you to become. Do you understand, test subject?"

You nod once at me, as well as you can with your neck strapped down, and you know that I'm taking the needle and pumping the fluid into your IV, and that soon these chemicals will be racing around inside your body. It's so wonderfully scientific to your mind. The rush and thrill of your preexisting arousal makes your blood flow faster, causing the chemicals to move swiftly through your system.

This experiment seems a bit different, however. Before I set to work getting the visor and headphones calibrated, I move over to a drawer and I begin pulling out various little things. You can't tell what they are yet, you just know that the sounds they make as I shuffle through the wooden drawers sounds vaguely like plastic. The drugs in your system are starting to take effect now, and you can feel your pussy moistening and nipples hardening as you listen.

The shuffling stops, and you become aware that I'm walking back toward you. I hold the items in my hands over your eyes, so that you can see them. Vibrators - lots of those little egg vibrators - and you almost instinctively realize what I'm going to do with them. I show you the duct tape in my hand and all but confirm their purpose.

You can feel my hands on your body, placing the vibrators against your skin: two per nipple, and two more placed against your clit. All are taped down, and finally I place one deep inside your pussy and another in your ass. You see me smile at you, and you can feel yourself smiling in return, aroused and eager for the experiment to begin.

Soon the visor is pulled down over your head, a feeling of security and safety washing over you - a feeling like you've just met an old friend again. As the visor hums to life in front of your eyes, you can hear the audio spooling up in the headphones. The image of yourself, and the sound of your own voice soon begin to play within your mind. You welcome them openly now.

First, the visor goes into a reinforcement cycle, explaining concepts to you that you already know by heart. You mouth them, speaking them in time with your doppelganger on the screen, your voice echoing the one being spoken through the headphones. You gasp as you feel the vibrators come to life, stimulating your most sensitive places.

I am an experiment.

I am aroused at the thought of being an experiment.

I am an experiment to test the effects of brainwashing.

I am always excited and eager to be experimented on.

I long to be experimented on.

I feel empty when I'm not being experimented on.

I love to be mindfucked and brainwashed.

I want to be mindfucked and brainwashed.

I like to be observed and studied.

I am willing to do anything for science.

I want to explore and test new ways to be experimented on.

Your lips mouth the words, your voice echoing the familiar phrases running through your mind as the drugs and vibrators continue to heighten your arousal.

It is my duty to focus on the testing.

It is my duty to suggest modifications for future tests to better brainwash me.

My scientist is an authority figure.

My scientist is in charge and controls the experiment.

I trust my scientist because he is intelligent and knows what he's doing.

I must obey my scientist because he knows what's best.

I will prioritize the needs and desires of my scientist.

It feels good to be told what to do.

It is relaxing to let my scientist make decisions for me.

I don't want to be in control.

The vibrators continue to buzz all throughout. Your mind absorbs all of this eagerly, taking it all in like a sponge, feeling it sink in and set like a plaster. However, you know there is more to come, and you wait eagerly for the next phase of your programming, the new things I've told you have been coming for some time now.

The image changes as the reinforcement cycle ends. You see yourself now, but it's a different you. Your breasts look bigger and your figure looks sexier, trim and with all the right curves in all the right places. Your hair is blonde, and you're wearing pink makeup on your face. The sound then chimes in to add to this image, and you hear yourself giggle into your mind as your pussy drips with arousal.

You aren't sure what sorts of things will be in this new cycle of programming, but you're looking very much forward to it. Your pussy is absolutely gushing with excitement at this point, the little eggs doing their work against your most sensitive areas. You feel them starting to get a bit stronger, the drugs in your system amplifying the sensations so much.

My scientist is my Master.

I must obey my Master.

I love doing what my Master tells me.

I want my Master to help me think.

I love being sexy and hot for my Master.

I feel so good when I am around my Master.

This new version of yourself sounds sexier, like every word the you on the screen says is designed to attract, seduce, or otherwise arouse. You find that your body agrees with these statements, absorbing them just as you did before. You idly lick your lips, feeling the pleasure coursing through you.

I am a horny, giggly bimbo.

I love being a horny, giggly bimbo.

I am a bimbo for my Master and scientist.

I am happy when my Master experiments on me.

I want to be sexy and hot for my Master.

The vibrators are getting even stronger now. You can feel them working, working you closer and closer to climax, but it isn't distracting. Rather, it only serves to fuel how well your body is absorbing this new set of instructions. Your moans only add to the sensual sounds coming from within your own head.

I will be hot and sexy for my Master.

I need to come back to Master to be experimented on more.

I want Master to find me sexy and hot.

I want to be a good bimbo for Master.

My scientist is my Master.

I am my Master's hot sexy bimbo experiment.

Just as you finish speaking these new thoughts, feeling them becoming part of your mind, part of you, the orgasm crashes into you. It's such an intense and wonderful experience. The strength of your climax almost surprises you, as it's the strongest one you've experienced in my lab so far.

Moments later, the vibrators stop buzzing against your erogenous zones. You can feel the exhaustion starting to set in, the arousal and the orgasm fading from you, as you mentally say goodnight to yourself on the visor. You soon feel yourself passing into sleep, just as you have done every time you come to me to be experimented on.

Just as you will do for many more experiments to come.